What if i tell, thank you for respond.

par lolmaquerelle

Hi, how are you i fine thank you ok now please tell me if yesss or tell me if no is the answer of. BUT i feel like still i love you BUT in the same i feel like no more really. You know like the twos in the same feeling. Is weird for me to say things like i feel i love you because i know you live very far from me and me heart and me dog and me in general (lol) but sometimes also i think hey why not peanut maybe is the same feeling for her in the heart of a girl in the love of the guy? Sometimes i will think about you and tell me dont do this dont think of the girl but me dont want to listen when i tell things like this because what i love is you (haha just kidding but no kidding but this one line is the joke) when i tell things like this, i dont listen to me because i really love thinking of when you is here with me before you go.


I will tell a souvenir that i love ok. Ok. One time i was just saying «i do this» (for an exemple) and you say : «me too» and i was like wow i find this girl interesting for me and then i try another thing a say «i do that» and you say «me too» i was like ok now is interesting for real for me. Now i will tell an other souvenir that i miss. I say i miss the souvenir because in the beggining is fresh in my memory but now is no fresh anymore and i really miss the fresh souvenir because the fresh souvenir i can have your odor in it, now i cannot have and it is dull. Very very dull. (Can i sharpen my pencil? Why? Because is dull… juste like the souvenir i miss so much in my fresh mind). Ok now i tell it. The souvenir is when you come to my home and say i think i love you but i am living in the three weeks so we can not love. This is so dull for me for number reasons ok i tell the reasons. One is that i love you so i dont want to not see you. You understand ok. The other reasons is that you live so this is very sad for me. I dont want to have a ring to you or something like that, no worry. In the verity i will tell you i did die a little bit when you tell me that we cannot love. Yes. More of a little bit even. Even a big bit that i die when you said you have to live me. But i understand also that there is chance that sometimes the life is somewhere else, dont worry. But you know i did die so for now i can not say more. Ah yes, another reason is that your odor in that moment is strong and delicious i have to say. I say at that moment : «i understand» with the odor of you in my nose so it was easy, but now i say «i still understand» but with no odor and it is very very dull AND touff.


Yess we kiss, yess we caress, i love you still this is touff for me to understand why. We dont speak to the other any more but sometimes yess so as i say is touff. Sometimes, i think of «what if». Do you know what i say when i say «what if?». Ok i tell you. I say : «what if» i go there or «what if» the girl love me but she dont tell because i say «i understand» all the time»?

Let me tell you that ok. The plane is take you now, i know, but your place is not take. Oh non. So be honeste please with me.


Thank you now respond please xxx